"Jurassic Park" is the name of a chapter story novel type book of science fiction and techno-thriller fiction genres published by Alfred A. Knopf in November 1990 that originally began in its being made in the 1980s. After some complications, it eventually was published in November 1990 and it became an immediate success. It tells of an incident involving the business endeavors of two corporations type organizations called "The Hammond Foundation" and "International Genetic Technologies, Inc.", also known as "InGen" for short, both of which came along after being founded by a wealthy entrepreneur among business leaders of a man named John Alfred Hammond, with this incident having taken place on Friday, August 19, 1989 and being in part among that which was the result of an attempt to bring about a place where dinosaurs roam out of their being "brought into being and existence" upon being "re-created by genetic engineering"; as well as some incidents taking place in the middle of the start of the 1980s up until then. It is stated that reports from Costa Rica are being made that suggest that strange three-toed lizard-like reptilian creatures are attacking infants and people in general within Costa Rica's coastal towns, with these attacks being attributed by the local native citizens to creatures called "hupias" or "raptors" which result in these reports being ignored by the local authorities until a United States American medical doctor treats a young man that has been hysterically yelling out "los a raptor" - which is later revealed to be a genetically engineered "Velociraptor" individual creature - after that young man was injured in at a mysterious new resort of an unknown type due to it being made in absolute secrecy while being built on an island off of Costa Rica's western coasts. This incident itself is - mostly speaking - once again, ignored, until another incident takes place when a small young girl named Cathy Bowman is bitten and yet survives despite apparent venomous bite poison by the jaws of a creature revealed later on to be a genetically engineered individual creature referred to as a genetically engineered creature of the scientific classification name of "Procompsognathus Triassicus", of which the lower half that was bitten off by a howler monkey is found by a person named Dr. Marty Guitierrez who suggests that it is called a "Basilisk Lizard" until a paleontologist type scientist named Dr. Alan Grant examines the mysterious specimen to be indeed be a "Procompsognathid". Dr. Alan Grant himself has just been managing to have uncovered another skeleton type fossilized individual specimen of the individual creature species referred to as "Velociraptor" in the middle of a paleontological dig type scientific discovery and/or scientific endeavor and he is later on interrupted by a phone call from none other than his wealthy sponsor for this event, John Alfred Hammond himself. Hammond insistently asks that Dr. Alan Grant and his assistant Dr. Ellie Sattler the paleobotanist come by plain with him to Isla Nublar for a trip there to look at the resort being built for consultation purposes, bringing along with themselves Hammond's lawyer Donald Gennaro from the law firm Cowan, Swan and Ross, the Field of Chaos Theory Specializing Mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm who has some good points about the problems going on but at the same time has a pomposity and arrogance and cocky attitude that is extremely odious, with Hammond's two grandchildren Timothy "Tim" and Alexis "Lex" Murphy who come along later on and upon arrival they receive greetings from Public Relations manager and tour guide Ed Regis, who is unenthusiastic about watching Hammond's grandchildren despite being asked to do so by the former who leaves him to do so. After arrival, Hammond's guests learn that the resort on Isla Nublar has been planned as a tourist attraction-game-preserve-zoo-theme-park-combination where genetically engineered dinosaurs roam, referred to as Jurassic Park. The tour planned by Hammond for his would-have-been-a-crowning achievement eventually turns deadly when after being hired by the murderous and sinister scientist the evil Dr. Lewis Dodgson - who is the research leader for InGen and Hammond Foundation and Hammond's-Rival Steingarten founded rival sciences company Biosyn - the InGen and Hammond Foundation and Hammond-Hired Resort Computer Programmer with talent at computer program hacking with a state of mind and emotions and beyond caused by feeling unappreciated named Dennis Nedry - hacks into the computer program system of the park itself in order to steal genetically engineered dinosaur embryos to sell to Dr. Lewis Dodgson and Biosyn so they can do genetic engineering dinosaur projects of their own - and causes the genetically engineered dinosaurs to break free from their electric fence composed enclosures - causing them to wreak havoc upon the human visitors, park and other company staff members and genetically engineered herbivorous dinosaurs, killing a few of all in the process. Each of the human visitors and other human characters on the island location when all of this is happening are separated into groups and have to work their way to get back to each other and do something to solve the problems brought about

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