So, you think you've got what it takes to be an Administraitor? Well, you and I are about to find out! Take this little quiz, and you might be on your way to being an administraior to Michael Crichton wiki.

  1. What is the name of Michael Crichton's book in which 3 people are left, after a mysterious creature comes and attacks in their underwater habitat?
  2. What book of Michael Crichton's takes place at a place filled with mysterious creatures from the past?
  3. What one of Michael Crichton's books takes place in air and on land?
  4. What one of Michael Crichton's books has Lightning on the cover.
  5. Unscramble this book title: Dofeht ee atr Sdae Hint: The first letter of the first word is E. The last letter of the last word is D (Its ok if you get this one wrong.)
  6. Imagine a cloud of nanoparticles. What book are you thinking of?
  7. How long did it take Sphere to be written? Hint: Its probobly more than you think. (its also ok if you get this one wrong. a lot of people don't know.)
  8. Write a short article on a charictor from one of your Favorite Michael Crichton books. Put the article with your answers. I will make it into an article for you.

Well, that's it! Just one thing left to do! Go to the Discussion part of the page up at the top. Give me all your answers and if they're right, you might become an Administraitor. Also, be sure and put your user name.